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Exclusive Name Necklace – Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

Name necklace

name necklace is one of our most favorite products because Personalization is our best specialty. personalize Name necklaces must wear every fashionable woman in the world. They believe that It increases their personalities and beauty. Every stylish woman should have a name Necklace in their jewelry box. Not only do they look fashionable, but also they look gorgeous and bolder look on their own or layered up. Depending on your style, you can obviously use different types of name necklaces. As like, Custom Name Necklace, personalized necklaces, infinity necklaces, engravable Love Necklace, layered Stars Name Necklace, retro nameplate necklaces, large Script Name Necklace and modern bar necklaces, etc.

What is a nameplate necklace?

The nameplate necklace is that you can use your name as a pendant with your chain and it is called the name necklace.

Why You Need This Personalized Name Necklace?

  • It is customized to fit your personality.
  • It is perfect for wearing with any dress.
  • Sterling silver material no need to worry any allergic reaction.
  • Meticulously made and great to wear every day.
  • The name necklace price is cost-effective and saves your money.

Best Tips for buying Custom Name Necklace:

  • How to choose the best Necklace or Chain length  Size
  • Custom Name plate Necklace perfect letter Size
  • Accurate pendant size for Name Necklace
  • Secret tips for name necklace materials
  •  Generate custom Name necklace in different Language
  • Unique Chain Style
  • Chain Material

How to choose the best Necklace or Chain length Size?

The chain length depends on your neck size, body height, face shape, etc. If you measure these things accurately, you can choose the right necklace length.

Chains long run from 16” to 30”, that means this chain can sit from high up to all the way on your lower chest.

You decide where you would like to sit the necklace and loop it around your neck. Now measure it – how many inches long is it? Then you should select the length for your new necklace.

  1. 16″ NECKLACE: This necklace looks like a choker and mostly of time fits it.
  2. 18″ NECKLACE: 18’’ Necklace falls perfectly in the region of the base of the neck like a collar. On an elegant woman, it will hit your collarbone it must feel more like a choker.
  3. 20″ NECKLACE: This necklace size is perfect for stylish women and most of the women choose this size and it falls just below the gizzard at the clavicle. For adding pendants, it is the perfect necklace size.
  4. 24″ NECKLACE: It is the medium size chain and it falls below the collarbone. Perfect for plunging neckline, you want to wear over a turtleneck.
  5. 30″ NECKLACE: This is the big length necklace. It falls at a low neckline.

Name Necklace perfect letter Size

Two types of letter size follow to create a name necklace cheap

  •  Standard size: Standard size capital letters height approximately 7mm.
  •  Large size: For this, letter size approximately 8.5-9mm.

Accurate pendant size for Name Necklace:

We need to measure the pendant height. But many people don’t know how to convert mm into inches. So, the Table is shown below converts mm measurement into inches.

mm inch
5 3/16
6 1/4
7 9/32
8 5/16
10 3/8
12 1/2

Pendant Length name jewelry

Most of the Name jewelry pendants run between 0.75”-2” (2-5 cm).  so the total length of your jewelry will be the length of the selected chain of your name pendant.

Pendant Thickness:

Analyzed 10 types of name necklace, I see that Most of the thickness of the pendant is 0.7mm/0.03”

Pendant Height:

Analyzed 10 types of name necklace, I see that most of the height of the pendant is between 0.6″ – 0.9″ / 16mm – 22mm.

Secret tips for name jewelry materials:

Name necklaces were the first fashionable items back in the American community. It increases your personalized specialty. So, jewelry have many different materials, sizes, and fonts that made to suit different personalities and styles.

Name Necklace in Silver:

Silver necklace highlights every ensemble and brighten your overall look. A silver name necklace is a safe option to match with any dress.With black and cold color, silver necklace gives a magnificent look.

Gold Name plate Necklace:

The gold plate necklace is elegant and suits various types of dressing. It is the most popular options for woman, Gold plating jewelry has a more effective advantage, Sold jewelry product price is very high but Gold plating necklace is a more budget-friendly. But it contains value and design like solid gold. Gold plating necklace is very strong and stable and glow will enhance your look.

Name Necklace in Rose Gold Plating:

Rose gold necklace is a great choice. Because it looked like yellow gold and it also provides a standard stylish look. It offers a beautiful and elegant look for a personalized name necklace. For example, 18k rose gold necklace is the most popular necklace.

Diamonds Name Necklace:

Diamond name necklace will always use for style, diamond jewelry never go out from style. So, the woman wants to put a diamond necklace in their jewelry box. It is a high-quality necklace and needs to invest many dollars. The diamond necklace is the best gift for everyone. Many unique name necklace in diamond collections have stores in amazon.

Generate Name necklace in different Language:

If you decide to carry a name ornaments, or other significant names, inspirational words, etc, you can be to take it different approaches and name necklaces with different languages. Always personalized jewelry tells your own story. If you want to express themselves in a unique way, we can suggest our own language necklace. You can choose any language like Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, etc.  Because of any type of personalized jewelry or name necklace available in the online store and you can easily buy

Unique Chain Style name ornaments :

Chains are a very important part of women’s jewelry. Because men and women were able to legerity metal into decorative pendants to be taken around the neck, ankle, wrist, etc.

Many types of chain styles today are considered to be extremely Stylish. Here we describe some of the most popular ones!

ROLLO CHAIN Name Ornaments

A Rollo Chain makes with symmetrical links that are joined simultaneously to generate a chain. This chain is the most strong.

 For this, it uses for hanging pendants. Rollo chain design is very simple, polished and looks minimal decoration.


Using small square links connected to make a smooth chain. It is called the Box chain. Moreover, it is known as Venetian chains. They are highly common for their durability and versatility.


A Twist Chain is a variation of Rope Chain. Oval links joint together tightly to make a twisting chain. The twisted chain looks like a solid and rich.

name necklace


A Bead chain is also called as a small ball chain. It consists of small balls connected together to create a single long chain. The placement of balls varies from small to large distances to each other.

Popularity Of The Name Necklaces:

Name necklace wearing started many decades ago. But It’s popularity doesn’t reduce nowadays. still, considered as trending Jewelry and designed uniquely.

At this time, the name necklace is more expensive and considered as luxury jewelry and many metals are used for creating it. Many celebrities and movie stars wear this necklace and discovered a much different design. Nowadays, Hollywood stars and many celebrities are always wearing their cherished name necklaces. Because it makes a special signature of fashion and style jewelry.

A persona’s character and charm can be easily reflected by name necklaces and to prove that just need to see celebrities are wearing them on.

Some Popular Questions About Name Necklace


1. Are name necklaces popular?

Answer: These name necklaces are becoming increasingly popular day by day and every day there is something unique that comes to market.

2. Are nameplate necklaces tacky?

It’s a massive NO, name necklaces are not Tacky but very much on-trend. Say yes to purchasing your very own customize name necklace today or gift someone special in your life.

3. Why You Need This Personalized Name Necklace?

  • It is Customized to fit your personality.
  • It is perfect for wearing with any dress.
  • Sterling silver material no need to worry any allergic reaction.
  • Meticulously made and great to wear every day.
  • The name necklace price is cost-effective and saves your money

4. Are name necklaces a good gift?

A custom name necklace is a fantastic gift to a memorable special moment for every person.

5. Is 18k gold expensive?

It easily scratches and is much harder and expensive to work with compared to the 18k gold. 24k gold is much more expensive and normally used more for investments, decoration, and medical devices.

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