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Men’s Gold Wedding Bands

Men’s Gold Wedding Bands is very popular for wedding event.Actually, Yellow gold is really, really pure gold.Gold jewelry is always a popular choice in the world. And it’s an important part of the wedding. Men’s gold wedding band is also popular for men. Different types of gold have in the world like white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, etc and gold measure with different karats like 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. Men’s gold wedding band has a different model like Men’s 14k REAL Yellow Gold Wedding Band,14K Yellow Gold Traditional Classic Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Band,18K Yellow Gold Traditional Milgrain Edge Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Band, etc.

Yellow Gold over Sterling Silver Round Genuine Diamond Wedding Band Ring.

he yellow gold is made by combining pure gold with metals like silver, zinc, and copper, etc. As with other gold, Yellow gold color is better than other gold and its color is beautiful and natural color. Gold color depend on its gold purity measurements like 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k.

Yellow gold looks nice for any person and is used for fantastic all kinds of wedding bands, It especially beautiful contrasted with olive and darker skin tones. And it’s demand is increasing day by day.

Men’s 14k REAL Yellow Gold Wedding Band :

Men’s 14k REAL Yellow Gold Wedding Band is crafted from magnificent 14k gold and dazzling high polish finish. And Band width is 6mm.

Material: 14K Gold

Gem Type: cubic–zirconia

Setting: prong-setting

Width: 6 millimeters

Total metal weight: 3.8 Grams

Ring size: 8

Sizing lower range: 8

Sizing upper range: 13

White Gold SOLID Plain Wedding Band

The combination of white gold is a bit different from yellow gold design. Because It’s alloyed with other metals like silver, copper, palladium, and nickel, etc and all metals make to increase durability and strength. White gold made stronger and more durable jewelry than yellow gold. 

The white gold looks like platinum but you spend less, white gold is a better choice. White gold contains a little amount of nickel, Nickel causes an allergic reaction with sensitive skin for some people. For this, you should choose jewelry made with a nickel-free alloy. White gold men’s band is perfect for a fair and rosy skin tone.

Men’s 14K White Gold Wedding Ring Band :

This product is handsome, strong and modern classic and men’s 14k gold wedding band profile that never gets in the way. This ring is comfortable for wearing all day. It’s the perfect men’s wedding band, special occasion, and anniversary ring.

Item Length: 0.28 inches

Height: 7 millimeters

Width: 7 millimeters

Length: 7 millimeters

Total metal weight: 3.4 Grams

Rose Gold Light Comfort Fit Wedding Band

Rose gold wedding band is a great choice for men.Rose Gold Light Comfort Fit 3mm Wedding Band is created by blending with copper and pure gold. Sometimes rose gold called by pink gold and red gold. It looked like yellow gold and it also provides a standard stylish look.

Rose gold jewelry is a very popular choice. It’s gaining popularity among people for an engagement ring, men wedding band, Valentine’s day gift, unique and romantic look. A combination of white gold and yellow gold it gives unique and beautiful multi-colored. Rose gold jewelry is more durable than white gold or yellow gold and it’s the soft romantic color gold. For Warm skin tones and cooler skin tones rose gold is a wonderful choice.

14K Rose Gold 2mm Comfort-Fit Classic Domed Plain Wedding Band :

This product 14k rose gold 2mm comfort-fit classic domed plain wedding band by DoubleAccent. It’s crafted in durable and gleaming 14k gold and comfortable for daily wearing.

Gold Purity Measurement by Karats :

10k karats Men’s Gold Wedding Bands

41.7% gold and 58.3% alloy used for making 10k gold. It’s affordable, at least pure and most durable from other gold for this it uses for jewelry. 10k gold color is a rich yellow. It’s the biggest advantage is the cheapest cost and durability. US market 10k gold is available, It’s a good option for the lowest budget.

14k karats Men’s Gold Wedding Bands

14 out of 24 parts gold or 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy is used for 14k gold. Purity, durability, and value of the cheapest rate are the main advantage of 14k gold. Uk, the United States, and other western countries 14k gold wedding band is most popular. About 90% of wedding and engagement bands made from 14k gold It is the most popular.

18k karats Gold

75% gold and 25% other metals like copper, silver, etc are used for making 18k gold and 18k gold refers to 18 parts out of 24 parts. Most wearable jewelry and gold wedding band use  18k gold for making. It’s the most attractive material for men’s wedding bands. color is more attractive and gives a fantastic and classic look for gold jewelry. It’s more expensive than 18k gold.

24k karats Gold:

Without any other metals, 24k gold is really pure gold. No other gold is higher than 24k. It’s the color more attractive, more expensive, no allergic reaction and easily scratched or bent. Normally,  24k gold is soft, bend easily and tends to scratch and it makes infeasible for daily jewelry, for this reason, 24k gold doesn’t use for jewelry. And It gives a deep yellow tone. maximum times it uses in coins bar, electronic and medical devices.

Perfect Ring size Selection for men’s wedding band :

Firstly, make sure what size your finger is. Several ways can be measured finger size. You remember that to get size same finger you plan to wear a ring on.

You can use the conversion table. The conversion table is given below —

No. 11340.8No. 1517.755.5
No. 213.441.9No. 161856.6
No. 313.742.9No. 1718.457.6
No. 41444.0No. 1818.758.6
No. 514.445.0No. 191959.7
No. 614.746.1No. 2019.460.7
No. 71547.1No. 2119.761.8
No. 815.448.2No. 222062.8
No. 915.749.2No. 2320.463.9
No. 101650.3No. 2420.764.9
No. 1116.451.3No. 252166.0
No. 1216.752.4No. 2621.467.7
No. 131753.4No. 2721.768.0
No. 1417.454.5No. 282269.0
  • On the internet, a ring size conversion table finds.
  • Taking a strip paper that fits around your finger.
  • Your finger wraps with the piece of paper around the knuckle until it fits.
  • A line is drawn where meeting the two pieces of paper.
  • Then determine your ring size and match with the size conversion table.
  • Finally, again measure and make sure to an accurate size.

Men’s gold wedding Band width :

For your finger, find the perfect width to buy wedding bands. Most of the time ring width measures with “mm” or millimeters full form but some countries use inches such as UK, USA. Most people have no time for converting mm to inches. Therefore, Customer doesn’t know how wide they want their wedding band to be. For helping people, we give a chart that common wedding band width millimeters converted to inches.

Ring width Chart – millimeters to inch conversion


Popular Brand  for men’s gold wedding Band:

  1. Brilliant Expressions
  2. Pompeii3
  3. Oxford Ivy
  4. Wedding Rings Depot
  5. Marquee Jewels

14K Yellow Gold Traditional Classic Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Band (4mm)(Wedding Rings Depot):

This band is an elegant classic design comfort fit wedding band and it’s wide 4mm. 14k yellow gold metal uses for making with the product. This band has 58.3% pre gold based on the total weight. It manufactured in the USA using the die struck process better durability and minimal porosity.

18K Yellow Gold Traditional Milgrain Edge Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Band (5mm)(Wedding Rings Depot):

This product is an elegant milgrain edge design comfort fit wedding band that It’s wide 5mm. 18k yellow gold metal traditional style of solid, This ring is 75% pure gold based on in total weight. It’s manufactured in the USA. 

Item Length: 1.09 inches

Diameter: 27.65 mm

Height: 27.65 mm

Width: 5 mm

Length: 27.65 mm

Ring size:16.5

Men’s 10K Rose, White, or Yellow Gold Wedding Band Classic Plain Simple 4MM by (Brilliant Expressions) :

Gold wedding band for men, simple classic golds band and traditional gold wedding band. Its width is 4mm. 10k gold wedding ring is custom made. It’s made in the USA. and Brilliant Expressions, environmental and social stewardship is important to us. 

14K Rose Gold Men’s Brushed Double Line Wedding Band 6mm Wide Ring(Pompeii3) :

14K Rose Men’s Gold Wedding Band looks in a classic or timeless style or you’re making a new discovery and to provide the perfect handcrafted piece of jewelry. This product is perfect for an anniversary, Chrismas, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. It’s width 6mm.

Men’s 10K White Gold 6mm Traditional Plain Wedding Band(Oxford Ivy):

Men’s White Gold looks Traditional Plain Wedding Band and wide 6mm. using 10k white gold and made in the USA.

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