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Gold chain Name necklaces are the most fashionable jewelry for men and women. But many types of metal jewelry like diamond, gold, silver, Platinum, Stainless Steel, etc. But the Gold chain name necklace is the most popular name necklace in the US, UK, Canada, and other western countries. Gold chain name necklace length has different types like 14″, 18″, 20″,22″ etc. Gold has different colors like white, rose and yellow gold.  Gold chain names are the best gift for birthday, valentine’s day, etc. Many models wear a gold chain necklace in the fashion show. Gold chain name necklace is more comfortable for all women than other metals chain name necklace.

14K gold chain name necklace:

gold chain name name necklace
gold chain name name necklace

14K gold is made with 58.3% gold and 41.7% alloy as copper, silver, nickel, zinc, etc. 14k gold is popular for gold chain name necklaces, wedding rings, wedding bands and all other wearable jewelry in the US, UK, and the other western countries.
About 85% of the name necklace and wedding and engagement rings are made with 14k gold. 14k gold is affordable and durable than 18k gold and color is rich and attractive color.

18k Gold Plate Personalized Name Necklace

18k Gold Plate Personalized Name Necklace
18k Gold Plate Personalized Name Necklace

18K gold is made with 75% gold and 25% alloy as copper, silver, nickel, etc. 18K gold is purer than 14k gold and is used for wedding rings, engagement ring, gold chain name necklace, watches, and other wearable jewelry. 18k gold color looks like yellow color and color is more attractive than other metal. It has some disadvantages like causing any skin irritation, easy to scratch, etc.

24K gold chain name necklace:

24K gold is called 100% pure gold that means all pure gold without traces of any type of metal. But we know that 99.95% pure and it’s color bright yellow. Normally, 24k gold does not use any jewelry because it is easy to scratch and easy to corrosion. 24K gold is also used in medical and electronic devices.

Personalized Custom 24K Gold Plated Hearts Name Necklace:

Unique Types of Gold Chain:

The chain is the main part of a women’s necklaces. But many people are confused when they buy or select a chain type. It is difficult to choose a necklace chain. So, some information about the chain is given here, we think it helps you.

Anchor Chain:

anchor chain

Anchor chain made with a small, single, round link and It creates a larger oval link. Anchor chain attached with an anchor on a boat resembles a link. This chain is the most popular with men.

Bead Chain:

bead chain
bead chain

A bead chain is formed of a series of tiny balls that are connected together and create a big chain. The ball is connected very closely or small distance between each other. Normally, The beads chain is used with pendants.

Box Chain:

box chain

Using small square links connected to make a smooth chain. It is called the Box chain. Moreover, it is known as Venetian chains. They are highly common for their durability and versatility.

Cable Chain:

Cable chain looks similar to a common iron chain and it is the most basic type of chain. Cable chains normally used for necklace jewelry and used women’s other jewelry. some oval links are connected with each other create a cable chain and form a functional and beautiful chain.

Curb Chain:

Curb chains are made of a series of uniform and interconnected links. It’s design is common and timeless. Curb chains are most commonly used for necklace chains. Curb chains are especially popular among men.


A Rolo Chain is made with symmetrical links that are joined simultaneously to generate a chain. This chain is the strongest.

 For this, it is used for hanging pendants. Rollo chain design is very simple, polished and looks minimal decoration.

Figaro Chain:

Figaro chain is a fairly simple very popular chain. It consists of different types of patterns that made different types of flattened lin in a different size.  Figaro chains are used by both women and men. So It is called an ideal gender-neutral chain.

Rope Chain:

One of the most popular types of the chain is a rope chain. Rope chain consists of many numbers of the metal segment and connected to resemble rope, the pattern is twisting around the real rope. It is the most durable and heaviest chain and most textural. Rope chains are popular among men, Hip Hop community and Golden age rap group. 

Singapore Chain:

Singapore gold Chain is called a twist curb chain. It is made with braided fibers and twists curb. Singapore gold Chain is durable, strength, simplicity, integrity and classic pattern. And It’s the popular choice for a pendant chain.

Snake Chain:

Snake gold chain made with a small series of rings, either bands or plates, that are connected together tightly. It looks like a snake body and similarly flexible. This chin is very smooth and called a sleek chain.  Snak gold chains aren’t more durable and strong. But It’s the popular choice for everyday jewelry.

Chain Length Description:

Standardly, Women’s necklaces are sold in inch lengths. You can choose five types of chain length. There are five types of chain length like –

  1. 14″ Chain (35cm) – Child Size: Fits like a choker and It wraps closely around the neck.
  1. 16″ Chain (40cm) – Youth & Adult Size: Necklace falls perfectly in the region of the base of the neck like a collar. On an elegant woman, it will hit your collarbone. It must feel more like a choker.
  1. 18″ Chain (45cm) – Adult Size: This necklace size is perfect for stylish women and most of the women choose this size and it falls just below the gizzard at the clavicle. For adding pendants, it is the perfect necklace size.
  2. 20″ Chain (50cm) – Adult Size: The medium size chain and it falls below the collarbone. Perfect for plunging neckline, you want to wear over a turtleneck.
  3. 22″ Chain (55cm) – Adult Size: This is the big length necklace. It falls Falls just above the top of the bust.

Accurate Nameplate size for Gold  chain Name Necklace:

Nameplate Height:

The height of the Rose gold Name necklace Nameplate is between 0.6″ – 0.9″ / 16mm – 22mm.

Nameplate Thickness:

White Rose Name Necklace nameplate thickness is 0.4mm 

Nameplate Length:

Rose Gold Name necklace pendants run between 0.75”-2” (2-5 cm).  so the total length of your jewelry will be the length of the selected chain of your name pendant.

Clasps Style for Gold Chain Name Necklace:

One of the most important features of jewelry is the clasp. To easily put on a necklace or bracelet we use a clasp mechanism. For without a clasp, this jewelry can’t use.

  1. Spring Ring Clasps – A spring ring clasp uses a little lever. It opens when pushing back a little lever. This clasp is normally used for securing necklace, anklets, and bracelets. But tiny spring clasps difficult to operate for some people.
  2. Lobster clasp – A lobster clasp is known as a lobster hook and It is closed by a Springring. It opens and closes by using a small lever and usually with fingernails. A short link-chain attached with Lobster clasp.

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